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The HostBeats Affiliate Program

Recommend HostBeats to your friends, family members, and/or your website visitors and receive a large fee per referred client!

When a customer you referred to HostBeats makes a purchase, you receive a percentage of the sale (exclusive of VAT). You keep receiving compensation as long as the referred client is active.

A Math Example

Suppose you place a banner on your website which brings five new customers to HostBeats every month. In this example, we assume that each customer orders a Basic Shared Hosting Package (of €59.40 per year, compsensation 20%) and keeps this package for at least 3 years. You receive in:

  • Year 1: 60 x 59,40 x 20% = € 712,80
  • Year 2: 120 x 59,40 x 20% = € 1.425,60
  • Year 3: 180 x 59,40 x 20% = € 2.138,40

This is How It Works

  1. A visitor clicks on a banner or link of HostBeats on your website
  2. A cookie is set, so we can recognize that this visitor has been referred by you
  3. The visitor places an order, which is linked to your affiliate account
  4. When the customer remains with us for 45 days, you receive your first compensation
  5. You also receive compensation for any other new products this customer buys

Active in 5 minutes

  1. Create a customer account here (if you’re already a customer of HostBeats, you can skip this step)
  2. In Backstage, go to Affiliates and activate your account as an affiliate account
  3. You receive your personal affiliate link and can start referring visitors!


The percentage you receive is dependent on the product the referred client orders.

Web Hosting20%
Reseller Hosting15%
Virtual Servers10%

The Rules of the Game

  • You may not refer yourself to HostBeats.
  • You only receive compensation when the client is active for at least 45 days.
  • You do not receive compensation for domain names.

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